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Sunak needed to be statesman on 80th anniversary of D-Day

The more I think about it, the angrier I get. The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak cuts short a visit to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D Day in France to pre-record an interview with ITV News doubling down on his incorrect statements about Labours tax plans. Does he have no respect for the generation who gave us the freedoms we have today. This will probably be the last big chance to mark this event as sadly age is catching up with the few remaining men and women who witnessed it first-hand.

OPINION: Sun awareness at the Suffolk Show

I’ve been going to the Suffolk Show for more years than I care to remember but this year was one of the best, as I was able to be there and help to spread the sun awareness message.

OPINION: I'm hoping for better

Strap yourself in for six weeks electioneering from those hoping to get our cross in the box. I’ve spoken to plenty of people who are already fed up with it dominating the news agenda, well, we’re just going to have to suck it up or stream something from Netflix instead.

OPINION: I feel like a child waking up on Christmas Day

I’m presently feeling like a child waking up on Christmas Day and it’s all down to Ipswich Town. I know I wrote about the Super Blues last week but today is the day we could return to the promised land of the Premier League and it’s making me feel like a kid again. All week I’ve been counting down the sleeps to the big day, just like I used to in the run up to Christmas Day. This excitement is something Town fans haven’t felt for over twenty years. Will manager Kieran McKenna be like Santa Claus and deliver the present we all want, promotion to the topflight of English football. If he does, just like Father Christmas, he’ll be spreading joy to so many households in Suffolk and around the world. If I’m feeling like this as a supposedly grown adult, goodness knows how the young fans are feeling. I bet plenty didn’t sleep much last night, I know I didn’t! Fans are waking up this morning keeping everything crossed and wearing lucky items of clothing, hoping these superstitions will work their magic. Those pre match rituals we all do will be done with real vigour today, hoping that we’ll all be playing our little bit.

OPINION: Three steps to Premier League heaven

After a break from matches Ipswich Town tonight begin the final push for promotion to the bright lights of the Premier League. The journey the club has been on over the last couple of seasons has been the stuff of dreams. From languishing mid table in League One to within touching distance of topflight football is incredible.