Plans are being putting together to help tackle a busy road that regularly floods, following concerns by motorists.

The B1119, Saxmundham Road, between Leiston and Saxmundham has become an area of concern for drivers after the road ended up regularly flooding in the past few years.

Residents say that the issue with the road is that is has not been sufficiently maintained and that as a result the drains fail to cope with heavy rainfall leaving the road under inches of water.

East Anglian Daily Times: Floodwater regularly blocks the B1119Floodwater regularly blocks the B1119 (Image: Carla King)

When this happens the road, which is often busy, becomes unusable.

Drivers are then forced onto smaller roads, which can become busy or struggle with rainwater too.

The road last flooded dramatically in early December when large amounts of rain and snow caused serious issues across the county.

A few weeks ago, local resident Ian Goodwin from Leiston, launched a petition asking Suffolk Highways to take action and remedy the road's issues.

The petition has so far attracted over 400 signatures.

"Someone needs to do something about it," said Mr Goodwin.

"Clear the ditches and it won't be a problem."

The ditches alongside the road have been maintained by Suffolk Highways in the past.

Emergency drainage work closed the road at Knodishall for a day in March 2019.

However, Mr Goodwin says that it is time more was done.

Suffolk Highways sent a team to visit the affected road on Friday.

It says it is now working up a plan to help fix the flooding issues on the road which will include clearing the ditches.

No date has been set as of yet as to when the remedial work will begin on the road.

A spokesman for Suffolk Highways said: "Following a site inspection, several areas of work have been identified.

"These include ditch clearing, investigating any need to upgrade pipes and rebuilding some verges.

"We are now going through the process of collating all the relevant information so that our Drainage Team can design, plan, and coordinate any future remedial work.

"We will communicate with key stakeholders once a start date for the works has been scheduled."