Plans for a 44-home development on land near Hadleigh have been recommended for approval by council officers, despite residents’ worries about flooding.

Babergh District Council’s planning committee will decide whether to approve the development of 44 homes on the land east of Hadleigh Road in Elmsett next Wednesday, in line with officers’ recommendations.

In 2018 outline planning permission for 41 houses in the same area was granted. This application adds three dwellings and includes further details.

Across the two applications, a total of 14 comments from nearby residents included 12 objections and two neutral responses.

One response reads: “My concerns are for flooding, which already happens to many gardens in the area already.

“Ours floods even when the neighbour washes his car. Covering the farmland with concrete surely will only make this worse.

“I am also deeply concerned for the wildlife due to the loss of their habitat. Once this farmland has gone, that’s it.”

The proposed site is at risk of surface water flooding but has the lowest risk when compared to the surrounding areas, according to the officers’ report. Officers also believe the proposed surface water drainage scheme would manage surface water run-off.

Suffolk County Council’s Lead Local Flood Authority submitted a holding objection in April but now recommends approval subject to conditions, having gained further information from the applicant.

However, the seriousness of the flooding issue is made clear in a linked application to be heard by Babergh’s planning committee next Wednesday – a reserved matters application for the approved 41 properties.

Officers recommend refusal for this application, on the basis that further details around flood risk and surface water drainage are required but not provided, meaning they are unsatisfied the development would not lead to increased risk of flooding.

Another resident’s consultation response reads: “The proposed entrance to the development site is directly opposite my property.

“I have no driveway, and my car has sat on the lane outside my property for the last 30 years. There are no lay-bys or other places to park my vehicle.

“The lane is not straight but on an exaggerated bend, sometimes not wide enough for two vehicles to pass.”

Suffolk County Council’s highway authority does not object to the plans, and the report states that any significant impact on the transport network by the development would be mitigated.