A primary school in west Suffolk has received feedback following its first Ofsted inspection in 13 years.

Risby Primary School, near Bury St Edmunds, has received a 'good' rating, 13 years after the last inspection when it was rated 'outstanding'.

When it was last inspected, it was under the previous inspection framework.

From the 2009 grading, the school was exempted by law from routine inspection until November 2020, which is why there has been a longer gap than usual.

The school was rated 'good' in all areas except for behaviour and attitudes, where it was rated 'outstanding'.

Ofsted reported that "pupils are very proud of the school" and that they "feel valued because their views are listened to".

It also noted that pupils feel "happy and safe" and that they are "respectful of each other and adults".

The "ambitious curriculum" was praised in the report with Ofsted saying that "the leaders have made sure that key skills and knowledge pupils need to know to develop further are frequently revisited in the curriculum".