A cat breeding operation is seeking retrospective planning permission and a license for an outdoor cattery after almost two years of use.

Applicants on Spring Farm in Thelnetham, near Diss, have requested permission to retain use of two outdoor buildings to breed and sell cats.

If approved by West Suffolk Council, the business owners seek to progress a licensing application.

The planning statement details that the cattery has been in use since July 2021 and says the retrospective nature of the application as "regrettable".

The buildings provide accommodation to house approximately 13 cats with provision for indoor and outdoor exercise areas.

The business employs three members of staff and the operation concerns the breeding and sale of cats as opposed to boarding.

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The planning statement adds: "On account of the success of the business and the resultant intensification of the use, the applicants recognise the circumstances have now evolved and seek to ensure the necessary permission is in place."

Surrounding the site are a number of neighbouring dwellings, including dog breeding kennels which recently received planning permission.