Ofsted has sent an apology to a Suffolk school after it raised concerns over its inspection that took place more than six months ago.

Stowupland High School, near Stowmarketgreeted inspectors in January, however, the report has still not been made public.

The reason for that delay can now be revealed, with the watchdog sending an apology to the school.

A spokesperson for the school and the John Milton Academy Trust, said: "Ofsted inspectors visited Stowupland High School in January 2023.

"However, following contact with Ofsted last week, we can now confirm that the regulator has taken the decision not to publish a report at this time.   

"Following the inspection in January, concerns were raised by both the school and trust on behalf of a range of stakeholders and Ofsted has considered these under its complaints procedure.

"Having conducted a thorough review, Ofsted has concluded that the concerns were justified and has apologised to the school, both for the problems identified and the protracted nature of the review process.

"Ofsted will visit the school at a later date to gather additional evidence so that the inspection can be completed and a report published."

Ofsted has sent an apology to the school and the trust for the issues identified and how long it took for the process to conclude.

A letter to parents from the school said: "This is a genuine apology, and we are working closely with Ofsted to resolve the situation."

Ofsted was approached for comment, but they are unable to comment on individual inspections.

Ofsted pause publication of any school inspection when they investigate a complaint, as the investigation may determine that changes are required to the report text, judgments or that further evidence is required to ensure that judgments are secure.