Two donations box have been stolen and a newly-resurfaced car park has been damaged in a spate of vandalism in a Suffolk village. 

Long Melford Parish Council has revealed they have been targeted by vandals over the past few weeks. 

Donations boxes with money inside have been stolen from the village's country park, in Borley Road, as well as in the old school car park on The Green.

East Anglian Daily Times: Two donation boxes were broken into Two donation boxes were broken into (Image: Long Melford Parish Council)

Both incidents, the latest of which was discovered on Sunday morning, saw the front of the safe ripped off as vandals looked to break inside.

"It would have been minimal if any money was taken out but it was more the damage to the safe," a spokesman for the council said.

The parish council also had the car park of the old school resurfaced on Friday, which was blocked off to allow it to settle. 

East Anglian Daily Times: Drivers have also damaged a car park in the villageDrivers have also damaged a car park in the village (Image: Long Melford Parish Council)

However, hours later the surface was damaged after somebody broke in and performed 'doughnuts' in the car park.

The spokesman added: "We are being targeted for whatever reason.

"We are thinking that we are doing good and then you have got these mindless individuals that want to ruin it for others."