Plans for signage at a new supermarket in a west Suffolk town have been received by a council.

A new Sainsbury's Local at the local centre development off Lady Miriam Way at the Lark Grange housing estate, on the edge of Moreton Hall in Bury St Edmunds, were approved by West Suffolk Council in July.

At the end of November, signage plans for the store were submitted to the council including information on design and lighting. 

The advertisements would comprise of one double-sided illuminated projecting sign, two illuminated 'Sainsbury's Local' fascias and one non-illuminated fascia 'ATM Surround'. 

There would also be a double-sided totem measuring 1285mm x 2642mm. 

The supermarket is part of a wider redevelopment scheme at the site which includes an adjoining unit for hot food takeaways, a servicing yard, 19 car parking spaces and landscaping.

Bury St Edmunds currently has one Sainsbury's supermarket in Bedingfeld Way, Moreton Hall.

The proposal will also include 200mm x 200mm vents, shopfront alterations including sliding automatic entrance door and two ram raid bollards in front of the ATM.