People living in a village have become angered after hundreds of empty bottles have been left dumped next to overflowing bottle banks. 

The empty bottles have been left at Long Melford recycling centre over the festive period. 

Some residents have said people should have taken their empty bottles back home instead of leaving them there. 

One person said on social media: "Shocking. Take them home or find another bottle bank."

Others are also calling for more bottle banks to be put in place over Christmas.

Councillor for Long Melford John Nunn said: "Please just keep your bottles at home until the bottle banks are emptied this week."

A sign at the recycling centre reads: "Leaving items on the ground in this centre is classified as fly-tipping, which is a criminal offence and can be subject to substantial fines. 

"All fly-tipping will be reported to Babergh District Council, and efforts will be made to trace who has dumped the material."