A Ferris wheel that proved a summertime hit in Felixstowe could become a permanent seasonal attraction.

Applicant Paul Hedges, from Observation Attractions Company, is seeking permission from East Suffolk Council to make the 34.5m-high attraction an annual fixture close to Felixstowe Promenade during the period between the February and October school half terms.

The scheme has the backing of the town's mayor, who described the wheel as "iconic".

The application follows a trial period last summer, when the installation of the 24-gondola structure proved a "success", the applicant's agents A&P Designs said.

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And the town's mayor Seamus Bennett said he supported Mr Hedges' plans to bring the attraction, which can accommodate 144 people, back following the trial, which ended in October.

He said: "I feel that last year it was very attractive and it brought a lot of trade to the town and a lot of interest. It is quite iconic and I think it is a good thing."

He was pleased the wheel was operated using electricity from the mains, rather than a diesel generator, as this contributed to reducing pollution and improving air quality in the town.

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East Anglian Daily Times: The wheel proved a big hit with visitorsThe wheel proved a big hit with visitors (Image: Charlotte Bond)A standby diesel generator is on site at all times to provide back up in the event of a power failure.

Mr Bennett also praised the wheel as "nice and inclusive" as it had a disabled pod, while he had spoken to businesses in the Sea Road area near the wheel, including Mannings Amusements, which were positive about the benefits brought by the attraction.

East Anglian Daily Times: Felixstowe mayor Seamus BennettFelixstowe mayor Seamus Bennett (Image: Charlotte Bond)

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If approved, the wheel will be in the same location as during the trial period and will operate from 10am-10pm, Monday to Thursday and 10am-11.30pm on Fridays, weekends, Bank Holidays and for "special events".

East Anglian Daily Times: The view from the top of Felixstowe Ferris wheelThe view from the top of Felixstowe Ferris wheel (Image: Charlotte Bond)As part of the planning application, the applicant's agents said: "Initially the installation of the wheel has proven successful over the approved trial period; the interest created in the media has been widespread with feedback from local residents to tourists and local businesses being very positive.

"It has been reported that tourism has increased 20%, the installation of the wheel cannot take credit for all this, however, this landmark visual statement has created interest and a focal point for visiting Felixstowe."