An east Suffolk nature reserve has been named one of the best places in the UK to spot marine wildlife.

According to The Times, Hazlewood Marshes, near Aldeburgh, is one of the best places in the UK for wildlife lovers. 

In the area you are likely to spot spoonbills, which are tall white waterbirds with long black bills and black legs. 

The Times said that after a large tidal surge 10 years ago, the area near Aldeburgh transformed from a freshwater lagoon into a flourishing mosaic of salt marsh and mudflats.

It added: "This natural evolution has led to a complete shift in the landscape’s ecosystem, attracting a wide range of wildlife, and plants such as marsh samphire, sea lavender and sea aster. At this time of year you can see the striking spoonbill — recognisable by its distinctive spoon-shaped bill — sifting through shallow water on the shoreline for food, plus flocks of black-tailed godwits and dunlins, woodlarks and yellowhammers."