If you want to dine at a Michelin Star restaurant in Suffolk then we are fortunate to have one in our midst.

Pea Porridge in Bury St Edmunds was given the prestigious accolade in 2020 and has retained it for the fourth year in a row

A Michelin Star is awarded to restaurants using high quality ingredients in distinct dishes that are consistently prepared to a high standard. 

In November 2023 Pea Porridge was named the cheapest Michelin Star restaurant in the UK- but how much does a meal cost?

East Anglian Daily Times: Pea Porridge has retained its Michelin Star for 2024Pea Porridge has retained its Michelin Star for 2024 (Image: Newsquest)

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The menu at Pea Porridge states the minimum order per person is a main course or two starters. 

This makes the average cost for a minimum order £27.50 if a main course is ordered or just over £33 for two starters. 

For three course meals the cheapest combination of starter, main and pudding will cost £52 while the most expensive combination is only £63. 

However, if you want to indulge and save some money then the restaurant offers a fixed lunch menu which is three courses for £45. 

East Anglian Daily Times: The menu changes seasonallyThe menu changes seasonally (Image: Newsquest)

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The menu changes often to utilise fresh and locally sourced produce in the dishes. 

In order to be more sustainable the chefs primarily cook in a 'grizzly' charcoal oven with some dishes cooked this way including a Suffolk wagyu heart and grilled jumbo quail. 

The fixed lunchtime menu has a starter of fish soup, goat ragu and polenta for a main course and a pine nut, olive oil and orange cake for pudding. 

How does this compare to other Michelin star restaurants?

There are no other Michelin star restaurants in Suffolk to compare Pea Porridge to but there are restaurants over the border in Norfolk and Cambridge that can be used for comparison. 

The four Norfolk restaurants with a Michelin star are Stoke Mill, Meadowsweet, Morston Hall and The Neptune. 

Average costs for three course meals at these restaurants range from £65 at Stoke Mill to £145 at Morston Hall. 

In Cambridge, the Michelin star restaurants are Midsummer House, where the tasting menu costs £250 per person, and Restaurant Twenty-Two, which charges £130 per person for the full tasting menu.