Concerns have been raised about a large pothole and the impact of floodwater that has not shifted since Storm Babet on a road in a Suffolk town.

Residents living in Pykenham Way in Hadleigh fear that the level of surface water, the depth of which currently matches the curb at its deepest point, may be wearing away at the surface of the road.

Amanda Berry, who lives in the street, has said that while flooding has been an issue intermittently for years, the current water has not shifted since the storm in October 2023.

Ms Berry also described a large pothole which is partly hidden by the floodwater, about two-foot wide.

She said: "Nobody has even looked at the problem and us residents are worried about the state of the road underneath.

East Anglian Daily Times: The storm has caused a sitting level of water.The storm has caused a sitting level of water. (Image: Amanda Berry)

"There's a massive pothole where the water has subsided in the middle of the road, and you can't quite see it over the water, so people drive through it, and this could cause issues.

"There is a flood diversion sign but people do drive through so it will become an issue at some point."

The resident added that there are signs that the situation is becoming worse, due to surface water causing gravel to come away and the pothole to widen: "Now the pothole has started wearing away, it is worsening each day. If the pothole gets bigger, somebody could get hurt.

"Some people cannot use their front gates. It's a massive issue and has been an issue on-and-off for 20 years, but hasn't really recovered since Storm Babet, and it keeps getting topped up."

A spokesperson from Suffolk Highways at Suffolk County Council said: "Drainage work is planned for this location to clear two gullies within the next two weeks. Pykenham Way, Hadleigh has also been earmarked for future resurfacing.

"We will continue to monitor the location during routine inspections."