A family home in a town street could be transformed into an emotional and behavioural children's home, if plans before a council are given the green light.

Area Camden Ltd is seeking permission for the use of 26 Hamlet Road in the town to house up to four children. 

Planning documents submitted to West Suffolk Council state that there would be no structural changes to the outside of the building, other than routine maintenance. 

Internal renovations would include painting, decorating and new flooring, as well as the installation of emergency lighting and fire doors. 

Four parking spaces would also be provided, as well as a bin store and cycle storage. 

The statement reads: "The home will be registered as an emotional and behavioural home.

"There will be extensive consultation with local authorities and risk assessments for each child to ensure they integrate with the local community.

"This considers the home, the environment, the community, plus peer groups and assesses against each child as an individual prior to admission into the home.

"The children with live at the property long term, hopefully for many years." 

The plans state that during the day, there could be three members of staff in the property at a time, but that this would have 'no impact' on the amenity of the area.

The home would have a full-time registered manager and staff would work on a shift pattern of two days on, four days off, with a changeover at 8am each day.

Day shifts would typically be 8am to 8pm and night shifts 8pm to 8am.

A supporting statement reads: "This property will provide a nurturing environment for vulnerable local children who will be supported to grow and flourish within the community of Haverhill."