Up to 1,000 homes could be built on the edge of a west Suffolk town if a planning application submitted to a council is given the go-ahead. 

Suffolk County Council is seeking outline planning permission from West Suffolk Council planners for up to 1,000 homes on land west of Mildenhall, either side of West Row Road. 

The outline plans also include up to 80-bed care units, up to five hectares of commercial land, a local centre, land for a primary school and two early years facilities, public open space and associated landscaping. 

Full planning permission is sought for means of access to the northern parcel of the site, the reconfiguration of James Carter Road and Fred Dannatt Road, alterations to the Safe Pac site and the construction of a new yard. 

A virtual-led public consultation was carried out between February and March last year seeking views of residents on draft plans in advance of the outline application. 

The consultation also included an in-person exhibition held at the Mildenhall Hub on February 21, 2023.

The plans are with West Suffolk Council, pending consideration.