A parish council is objecting to a late-night opening licence for a planned new 24-hour McDonald's restaurant amid fears about crime, disorder and noise.

Martlesham Parish Council will be writing to East Suffolk Council to oppose an application by the fast food chain to have its newest eatery, at Spenhill Retail Park at Martlesham Heath, open between the hours 11pm and 5am from Monday to Sunday.

The main basis of the objection is that if approved, the opening hours would create noise and disturbance in an area that is "normally quiet during the night time hours".

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The council's clerk Diane Linsley said: "The increase in overnight traffic is going to disturb the residents.

"We have got experience of managing car parks and that following our experience of managing car parks, we know that when they open overnight, they can become centres of car-related crime and anti-social behaviour and there is also the effect of that on residential properties."

The council was also concerned about the impact on the nearby Martlesham Common Nature Reserve.

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McDonald's is planning to open the restaurant, which is set to bring investment and job opportunities to the area, in the former home of Evans Cycles.

In October, this newspaper revealed that East Suffolk Council had given the go-ahead for the unit to be turned into a restaurant, then in January the new occupant was revealed to be McDonald's.

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The developer's agents Lichfields said the 732sqm restaurant would include a dining room with space for 150 diners, a counter for 'drive to' services, a kitchen, bathrooms, a store room with chiller and freezer, a crew room, office, plant space and service corridor.

The bike shop, situated next to Topps Tiles, Wickes and Tesco, announced it was closing on May 14 due to a reported rental disagreement.

The licencing application was discussed at a meeting of the parish council's development, environment and transport committee on Wednesday, when the decision was made to object.