Bank customers left without a service due to the closure of a Suffolk branch could soon be able to get a lift to nearby outlets.

Leiston resident Andrew Hawes is starting a 'share-a-ride' initiative for Barclays Bank customers in his town who will soon be left without a physical premises to visit when the Main Street bank closes on May 17.

The landscape gardener, who has been a Barclays customer for 27 years, said he had to visit branches to pay cash in for his business and was therefore travelling around a lot, so he could offer a lift to others who needed to visit other nearby Barclays at Ipswich and Lowestoft.

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He and other drivers are planning to start providing lifts from June, after the Leiston branch closes and he compared the offer to the days when military personnel grabbed lifts from the former RAF Bentwaters base to Woodbridge.

He believed that if interest grew, there could also be a possibility of a community transport provider coming on board to provide lifts in a bus.

He referred to a protest against the closure earlier this month outside the Leiston branch involving dozens of local residents and wondered if any of the protestors would be prepared to offer a lift for customers.

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"From June, there will be occasions when we need to go to either Ipswich or Lowestoft Barclays  and a seat or two would be available for someone to come along and visit a branch.

"This offer will be open to anyone over-65 and has exhausted all family efforts to get you to your desired branch," Mr Hawes said.

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Last week, the EADT revealed that the bank was planning to open a 'Barclays Local' hub in Leiston to replace the branch.

The hub - described by Barclays as an 'alternative branch format' - will offer cashless banking services and provide customers with a place where they can meet staff face-to-face and receive help with digital banking, financial reviews, balance checks, transfers and bill payments.

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