A Sudbury leisure centre is apologising to a customer who said she found faeces on the floor of a toilet cubicle, describing the facilities as 'filthy'. 

Ruth Cook, who has lived in Sudbury for four years, said she was left disgusted after a visit to the pool at Kingfisher Leisure Centre last week.

Ms Cook has been visiting the pool, run by Abbeycroft Leisure, regularly for the last two years but said this was the worst she had seen it.

Abbeycroft Leisure said customers having a positive experience was a 'key priority' for them, and said they were 'disappointed' this was not the case on this occasion.

Ms Cook explained: "This time there was clearly bits of poo on the floor in one of the cubicles. There were trodden-in sweets all the way along going towards the swimming pool. It was disgusting and dirty. 

"The whole area just looks filthy. They are not controlling people coming into the changing rooms with outdoor shoes on. No one takes a blind bit of notice about taking off their shoes and it is not policed. I've started wearing flip flops because it is so bad.

"Sudbury is such a nice place to live for young families and it is right on our doorstep but the facilities are not suitable." 

Ms Cook said she has made a complaint to Abbeycroft Leisure following her visit. 

She also said some of the facilities, including the sauna, were often closed to the public, which means you don't get what you pay for.

On Monday, Ms Cook visited the pool again and praised it for being 'much cleaner' than the previous week.

Tracey Loynds, operations director at Abbeycroft, said: "Ensuring our customers have a positive experience every time they visit, is one of our key priorities, so we are disappointed on this occasion that this wasn’t the case.

"We would like to apologise to our users that had a poor customer experience last week and assure them that the cleaning protocols during incredibly busy periods such as half term, will be reviewed.

"The sauna is currently being refurbished as we have had some recent maintenance issues, resulting in its temporary closure."