Businesses along a village road say they have lost more than half of their trade due to repeated flooding problems. 

Joes Road, in Cornard Tye near Sudbury, has been left impassable on multiple occasions since Storm Babet in October after months of heavy rain. 

Although businesses and homeowners on the road have "put up" with the situation since then, they say they have finally had enough. 

It is understood the flooding has since been cleared this week and Suffolk Highways was approached for comment.

East Anglian Daily Times: Mrs Fison has had to relocate her egg business due to the impact of the flooded roadMrs Fison has had to relocate her egg business due to the impact of the flooded road (Image: Mandy Fison)

"It has been an absolute disaster," said Vanessa Woodward, who runs the Old Joes Golf Club.

"I know someone reported it on February 12. You get to just before our golf course and that is where it is. It has killed six cars." 

Mandy Fison runs a free-range egg business in the road, where customers can come and buy their eggs from a vending machine. 

However, she is temporarily relocating to the Old School, in Great Cornard, following a huge response on social media and customers being unable to reach her site. 

Mrs Fison said: "It has been a complete nightmare for weeks now. We have got three routes in and all three are pretty impassable. 

"The response I got [from people], it shocked us." 

Ms Woodward said her golf trade has dropped as a result of the issues.

She added: "It is pretty dead. My golf is definitely down.

"It has been like that since it got worse. It is hard enough as a small business and then this happens.

"It is just the fact that nobody has listened to us since February 12. We had all been putting up with it but then it got worse."

Both Ms Woodward and Mrs Fison fear further impact next week due to roadworks in Greys Hall Corner and Rotten Row.