Those hunting for a UK vacation with a 'touch of luxe' need look no further than our borders.

Suffolk has been named one of the most luxurious places for a UK holiday by The Daily Telegraph.

According to the article in the national newspaper, ABTA's most recent report has revealed that nearly 60% of Brits are planning to take a UK holiday in 2024.

While worldwide travel is the most accessible it has ever been, The Telegraph puts the increased popularity of staying in the UK down to a few factors: sustainability, the national landscapes, and English wine tourism. 

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Suffolk has been named as one of the top five destinations for "a touch of luxe" by the paper. 

"For some, the cost of living isn't a crisis," reads the article, which goes on to outline the rise of the six-figure family holiday.

The article recommends booking the 17th-century Orpheus Manor, which has an on-site cinema and "the same bathtubs you'd find in Buckingham Palace."

The holiday destination sleeps up to 14 people and is located near Southwold.