Residents of a Haverhill road have slammed plans to open a second children's home within 100 metres of a previously-approved site. 

Area Camden Ltd is seeking permission for the use of 26 Hamlet Road in the town to house up to four children.

This comes after plans by the same company for 40 Hamlet Road were approved by West Suffolk Council in September. 

On Tuesday, February 27, during a Haverhill Town Council meeting at Haverhill Arts Centre, residents of Hamlet Road voiced their concerns over the plans. 

One man said: "There are just six properties and less than 100 metres between number 26 and number 40 Hamlet Road. They both share the same rear access.

"It appears that Hamlet Road residents are being asked to accept a second children's home from the same applicant before any impact of the first home can be measured." 

He also raised concerns over parking, questioning whether the four parking spaces Area Camden included in its plans would be sufficient, as well as the impact on traffic. 

"I feel that the change of use of this property, along with the children's home at number 40 will only exacerbate the traffic problems in Hamlet Road," he said.

"If this application is successful it would effectively give the green light for more similar developments." 

Another resident said: "The back access land of these properties is on a 1950s foundation construction for residential access only when car use was limited and is struggling to cope now with increased traffic at the detriment of condition and safety.

She continued: "Two commercial properties of the same use within an estimated 75 metres are to the detriment of residents living within these small row of houses."

Town councillors debated the plan, with Tony Brown saying: "We will generally always support children’s homes, they do really good work, but when they are in the right place." 

He said parking issues were a problem and raised concern over the lack of recreational space at the property, adding that it was 'just too crammed in'. 

Mary Martin said she supported the principle of providing care for children but said the plan for Hamlet Road was "oversaturation". 

"While the provision is great, this is not the right place," she said.

The committee agreed to formally object to the planning application.