Resident concerns over a pothole-ridden road, dubbed 'Pothole Avenue', have been escalated to the head of Suffolk Highways for prioritisation, says a community leader. 

Trinity Avenue in Mildenhall has been the subject of several reports to Suffolk County Council's highways department, which is responsible for roads, over its large potholes and uneven surface. 

At the end of February, a sign displaying the words 'Pothole Avenue' appeared at the side of the road as residents attempted to bring attention to the situation. 

East Anglian Daily Times: Pothole-ridden road Trinity Avenue, dubbed 'Pothole Avenue'Pothole-ridden road Trinity Avenue, dubbed 'Pothole Avenue' (Image: Karl Brown)

Now, Lance Stanbury, who represents Mildenhall on the county council, said he has raised the road with the head of Suffolk Highways. 

"The condition of the road surface in Trinity Avenue is very poor indeed, and I have escalated local residents’ concerns to the head of Suffolk Highways for prioritisation," he said. 

"There is no doubt that the significant rainfall and freeze/thaw over this winter period has exacerbated the break-up of the tarmac, not only in Trinity Avenue, but across Suffolk.

East Anglian Daily Times: Cllr Lance Stanbury, who represents Mildenhall on SCCCllr Lance Stanbury, who represents Mildenhall on SCC (Image: Suffolk County Council)

"Consequently the Conservative administration at County Hall has committed an additional £10million for the surfacing of well over 200 local roads. This is in addition to the usual Department for Transport allocation which will be in excess of that.

"The funding for road surfacing has increased by around 50% and I’m pleased that sums have now been committed to Trinity Avenue for this coming financial year which starts at the beginning of April." 

In February, when the 'Pothole Avenue' sign appeared, Andy Neal, who represents Mildenhall Queensway on West Suffolk Council, said: "It's been reported so many times and the fact that so far nothing has happened is a total disgrace and let down by Suffolk County Council.

East Anglian Daily Times: Cllr Andy Neal Cllr Andy Neal (Image: West Suffolk Council)

"How bad does a road have to get before a repair is done? You only have to look at this section of road to see it needs repairs immediately, not sometime in the future."

Mr Stanbury said: "My job as the local County Councillor is to push the needs of my constituents up the priority list to get Trinity Avenue resolved as early as possible – and I will be competing with 74 other county councillors across Suffolk to get their local roads repaired - but I remain determined."

At the end of February, a Suffolk Highways spokesperson said: "Trinity Avenue, Mildenhall, is planned for road resurfacing this year. We will make contact with the community once the work has been scheduled.

"In the meantime, the area will be assessed and any defects that meet our criteria will be ordered for repair."