A bird whose natural habitat is more than nine thousand miles away has been spotted living in the Suffolk countryside. 

A Kookaburra, which is native to Australia, has been pictured in Sudbury. 

Allegra Loch, who captured the picture of the Kookaburra, said: " I was driving home with my daughter last Sunday and the strangest thing was the bird swooped down and up right in front of my car.

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"Thank goodness I had my camera with me.

East Anglian Daily Times: Kookaburra in SudburyKookaburra in Sudbury (Image: Allegra loch)

"I pulled into a safe spot and found this beauty. It was amazing to see on such a stunning clear day and managed to capture it.

"The bird had a good laugh too, as you can see in a couple of open-beak photos below, it really was an incredible experience."

A spokeswoman for the Suffolk Wildlife Trust said the bird has been living in the area for around nine years. 

They said that the bird is an escapee but is doing well.