Overcrowding, congestion and pedestrian safety are some of the concerns raised by residents of a Sudbury street where five new homes are planned for a back garden. 

The one-bedroom terraced homes are planned for part of the land associated with 12 Clarence Road, which sits on the corner of Stanley Road.

The homes would have one parking space each, as well as a grass and patio space to the back. 

Since Babergh District Council received the plans on February 28, 10 comments of objection have been submitted to the council by neighbours and residents. 

One Clarence Road resident said: "The existing road system surrounding the proposed site is already hazardous and congested, particularly during school drop-off and pick-up times.

"Vehicles, including buses, are often forced onto pavements due to insufficient road space, posing a severe risk to pedestrians, especially children.

"The addition of 5 more dwellings will exacerbate this congestion, increasing the likelihood of accidents and endangering lives." 

Other residents described the plan as "overcrowding" while some raised concerns over noise and overlooking. 

The resident added: "The proposed development will significantly alter the character of the neighbourhood, crowding the area and obstructing views to the water meadows, which are cherished by residents.

"The plan does not adequately address the significant and multifaceted implications for our community and the local ecosystem," they added.

A York Road resident said the single-occupancy proposal would jar with the "friendly family-based community" in the road, while a Stanley Road resident said they did not believe the one-bedroom homes were the "right demographic" for the area. 

According to the application, each home would be across three floors with one bedroom and a bathroom on the second floor, a lounge and study on the first floor and a kitchen/diner on the ground floor.

A planning document reads: "The proposed houses are located set back from the existing house to limit overlooking to/from the existing house and the neighbouring house along Clarence Road." 

It continues: "The numbers and types of homes make best contribution to housing supply by providing one bedroom homes most in demand, which complement the local mix."