A man who was part of a group that burgled a 81-year-old woman’s house in Cavendish has been found guilty.

On Friday, Anthony Cosgrove, 46 and of Lodge Close, Chigwell, was found guilty by unanimous verdict of conspiracy to burgle his elderly victim’s home just after midnight on April 16, 2020.

Cosgrove was charged with three other men, all of whom pleaded guilty while Cosgrove denied the charge.

During the course of his trial, the court heard that the men went on a “reconnaissance mission” to the woman’s home in the days before the burglary took place.

She gave evidence to the court, saying that on the night of April 16, a man ‘pounced’ on her in her bedroom in the night and only left once her neighbour came in to check on her.

She told the court that the following day, she found £20 was missing from her purse. Cash and jewellery were also taken.

A third who was in the 81-year-old's bedroom left after the neighbour confronted him.

Cosgrove is expected to be sentenced on April 17.