An eco-conscious Mildenhall teenager has seen his campaign come to fruition as recycling bins have been added to a community centre. 

Tyler Thompson launched the campaign to place recycling bins both inside and outside at the Mildenhall Hub after being inspired by a piece of Geography coursework.

Tyler attends InclusEd, an alternative education provision for children and young people with special educational needs, where he has been studying ASDAN Short Courses, 

Abigail Gilby, the founder and lead teacher, said: "He began this campaign in early 2023 as part of an independent study into recycling habits of locals by creating an online survey to ask hub users about their attitudes towards recycling.

"He then collated the responses and asked if he could write to someone to inform them of his findings; that most people agree that they would use recycling bins if they were at the hub." 

Samantha Thompson, Tyler’s mother, said “He took great pride in doing this project and he was thrilled when he saw the bins installed.

"InclusEd have enabled him to grow and become more confident in taking on tasks."

Ian Shipp, councillor for Mildenhall Kingsway & Market, and Portfolio Holder for Leisure at West Suffolk Council, said: “I was only too happy to support Tyler in his campaign and it’s great to see the outcome brought about by his hard work and tenacity." 

InclusEd is a Mildenhall-based alternative education provision for children and young people who are Electively Home Educated (EHE), Educated Otherwise Than At School (EOTAS), on a part time timetable, flexi-schooled, or are facing barriers to learning.

"Tyler’s achievement highlights how children and young people with additional needs, even those who are unable to attend school, can achieve academic, social and community successes when appropriately supported," said Ms Gilby.