A Suffolk museum will be returning for the summer season soon when it will be opened by local dignitaries and presenters from pirate radio station Radio Caroline.

Felixstowe museum is set to reopen on Thursday, March 28 when there will be an official opening by the town's Mayor Seamus Bennett and Radio Caroline presenter and author Ray Clark at noon.

The opening will also mark the 60th anniversary of the launch of Radio Caroline, which first started broadcasting from the ship the MV Fredericia, which was renamed MV Caroline and was moored off the coast at Felixstowe, on March 28, 1964.

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Also hoping to come along are fellow current Caroline presenters Stephen 'Foz' Foster, Mark Dezzani, Terry Hughes, Barry James, Steve Dack and Alec Lamb.

Meanwhile, Dave Cragie & The Moggy Van Radio Collection vintage radio collection will be outside selling some Radio Caroline merchandise.

Currently, Radio Caroline broadcasts from the boat the MV Ross Revenge, which is moored in the Blackwater estuary near Bradwell in Essex.

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The museum has invited 'Felixstowe & Offshore Radio' to expand its existing 1980s-themed display, to now include a look back to when the ship arrived in 1964, with mostly local archive photos, material and memorabilia.

A gathering will also be taking place at the Radio Caroline commemorative stone at Wolsey Gardens in Felixstowe to mark the 60th anniversary before the guests  raise a glass nearby, possibly at the Boardwalk cafe on the pier.

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Offshore radio became illegal with the launch of Radio One in 1967, but Radio Caroline carried on broadcasting until 1991 when it was forced to dock after running aground - but changes to the radio laws meant a legal Radio Caroline could broadcast.

Now the station broadcasts 24/7 from land based studios and one weekend a month from the Ross Revenge.

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