A fundraising page has been launched after the accordionist of West Suffolk band Thy Last Drop had his instrument stolen.

Andrew Akehurst’s FR-8X V-Accordion was stolen when his Bury St Edmunds home was burgled earlier this month, with thieves taking his wallet and car, with the instrument inside.

The insurance company has refused to cover the accordion, worth £6,000 new, because it was left in the car overnight.

East Anglian Daily Times:

Mr Akehurst, who is also managing director of Community Workshop Ltd, a social enterprise working with people with learning difficulties, said: “The experience has been a wake up.

"I've always been trusting of people and, being in a quiet street in a sleepy town for more than 30 years, I hadn't expected anything like this to happen.

“The process of trying to claim off insurance is harrowing.

“After the event it's made the whole family nervous. Last night, I was called home early by my wife, who was convinced someone was in the cellar. It's clearly taken its toll.”

The break-in, which took place on Saturday March 9, has also had a major impact on the band.

Mr Akehurst was due to record his part of Thy Last Drop’s new album, Kilner, later that day, but was forced to reschedule without an instrument.

He said: “This is a big setback for the band as we hoped to have our third album ready for the summer run of festivals and gigs.

“I've had a few accordions over the 14 years the band has been together but they're tricky to mic up for sound. The beauty of the Roland was that it was an electronic accordion specifically developed for larger sound systems which of course meant it was very expensive.

“Unfortunately, this worked against me in terms of insurance as I wasn't covered for any electrical items in a stolen car.

“Apart from the accordion there was very little value in what the thieves took and the irony is that they probably don't know the value of the accordion and passed it on for very little.                                                                                                                 

"It baffles me why anyone would risk the consequences of their actions for so little. If they were that desperate for money, they could have asked me and I would have given them some.”

To date the gofundme, set up by the performer’s close friend Nicola Miller, has raised £890 of its £5,000 target.

Mr Akehurst said: “I’ve been overwhelmed with the messages of support and the donations. People have been so kind and generous.”