A new shop selling retro things, including toys and sweets, has opened its doors. 

Retro Revival opened in Leiston High Street on Saturday, March 9 only a few months after the business started selling online.

Owner Mark Eldridge set up the business to support his two children after he was let go from previous jobs. 

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"I thought I don't want to go through all that again so I sorted myself out and started an online business," said Mr Eldridge.

"Then I started looking for a shop in Leiston and it just so happened there was a shop available.

"I'm into retro things myself and there's nothing like that around this area and people have taken to it quite well."

East Anglian Daily Times: The shop sells all things retroThe shop sells all things retro (Image: Retro Revival)

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The shop is stocked with various retro items from video games and toys to collectibles and sweets. 

"I hope to expand it with games nights and meet-ups, or get some imported cereals so people can come in the morning to try them," said Mr Eldridge. 

Retro Revival is open 9am until 5pm every day except from Wednesday and Sunday.