A former town pub will be converted into an 11-room house of multiple occupancy (HMO) despite a town council's concerns more of those properties could lead to a shortage of housing for local people.

East Suffolk Council has given the go ahead for the work to the former Crown pub in King George's Avenue, Leiston, which could provide accommodation for staff working on the new Sizewell C nuclear power station.

However, Leiston town clerk Helen Greengrass said the Crown would become "short term hostel accommodation" and not "reap the benefits" of becoming a small housing complex, similar to another Leiston pub, the Volunteer Inn.

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The Haylings Road pub is being redeveloped by Brightwell Ventures Ltd to provide apartments and semi-detached homes.

The clerk said the town council was also concerned about the potential for anti-social behaviour, especially if developers "get on the bandwagon" and start building more HMOs around the town.

Although she did not blame Sizewell C for the situation, she believed the result could be fewer homes for locals.

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She added: "Leiston Town Council has a concern that a proliferation of HMOs in Leiston will lead to a shortage of housing for local people during the Sizewell C build."

The approved plans, submitted by Trevor Smith, of Eden Rose Developments, propose to change the interior of the building into 11 rooms with en-suite accommodation, two free-standing toilets and shower rooms, two shared-use kitchens and a living and dining room area.

The rear of the pub will also be changed for use by residents, with one of two outbuildings providing a refuse store and secure cycle parking area for 11 bikes.

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The other, smaller, outbuilding will be demolished, but the existing car park will remain unchanged and will be marked out to accommodate 11 residents parking spaces.

The pub was put on the market in February 2020 and had its price dropped several times but failed to sell.