The hunt for Chris, the infamous missing rhea, continues with another sighting in mid Suffolk.

The rhea escaped from a farm in Diss, Norfolk, in November and has been spotted across Suffolk since, with residents regularly posting their findings on Facebook.

Rheas are flightless birds originally from South America and are distantly related to ostriches and emus.

East Anglian Daily Times:

Large males can reach six feet tall, with a wingspan of 250cm, and the birds can reach speeds of up to 50mph – making them very difficult to catch.

A reward is being offered for Chris’ return, though the rhea has shown no sign of homesickness, seemingly enjoying his journey across East Anglia.

East Anglian Daily Times:

Earlier this month, he was spotted near Wetheringsett. He is then believed to have ventured to Debenham, before heading to Bedfield, between Debenham and Framlingham.

There has been a long history of rheas escaping in the UK. In 2015, one was caught by Hollesley, near Woodbridge.

The bird, whose diet primarily consists of fruits, plants and some insects and small rodents, has a strong kick, prompting warnings for people to not approach Chris.