Guard rails could be installed along the length of a resort's promenade to prevent a repeat of a man's death when his scooter plunged five feet off the edge.

East Suffolk Council has proposed a range of measures to improve safety along Felixstowe promenade for users of scooters, pushchairs and bikes following the death of 76-year-old John Gray in an area unprotected by barriers.

Mr Gray suffered multiple rib fractures which led to breathing difficulties when his scooter fell on to the beach close to the town's Spa Pavilion theatre in July 2022.

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He died in Ipswich Hospital a short time afterwards.

Following an inquest into his death, Suffolk's senior coroner Nigel Parsley called on the council to take action to prevent future deaths and now a series of proposals have been made in a report by the authority.

East Anglian Daily Times: John Gray with granddaughter Cameron HallJohn Gray with granddaughter Cameron Hall (Image: Submitted)

These include providing guard rails or other physical features, such as corduroy paving, either along the full length of the promenade edge or at particularly high risk points, such as entrance points or ramps where falls are on to rocks or hard surfaces.

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East Anglian Daily Times: The area of Felixstowe promenade close to the Spa Pavilion where Mr Gray's mobility scooter plunged on to the beachThe area of Felixstowe promenade close to the Spa Pavilion where Mr Gray's mobility scooter plunged on to the beach (Image: Charlotte Bond)Beach levels will also be monitored at entrance points and ramps to determine the need for guard rails or a relevelling of sand and shingle.

Hazard line markings could also be renewed along the edge of the promenade, while another proposal is to install signage in areas with fluctuating beach levels.

A publicity campaign is another idea to highlight promenade hazards and promote safety.

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In January, Mr Gray's daughter Maxine White backed the coroner's calls for improved safety measures.

She said: "I just don't want anybody else to get hurt and I know that dad would not want that either.

"There are a lot of elderly people in Felixstowe that use those scooters and there should be something in place to stop it happening again."

Mr Gray, who was originally from Leicester, was living in sheltered housing in Gosford Way in Felixstowe at the time of the incident and was making his regular journey to get some breakfast at the Greggs café in the town centre.

He used to run the Forum fish and chip restaurant on the town's seafront, which is now Saltwater fish and chips.