The Inner Wheel Club of Woodbridge held a pottery activity in April at Ufford Park.

Penny, a graphic artist and co-owner of Pennikkity Pots Ceramic Café in Ipswich, set up her mobile studio for the event.

She shared the story of how, sixteen years ago, she launched her creative café in Crown Mews, initially named All Fired Up.

Penny, along with her business partner Nikki, operates Pennikkity Pots, a ceramic café known for its children’s parties, group meetings, hen parties and baby showers.

The café is open six days a week and also serves as a relaxing coffee and cake stop for shoppers.

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The club members dived into pottery, painting designs on choices of pots, plates, or ornaments, resulting in creations that were later kiln fired.

In addition to pottery, members of the club have been crafting colourful knitted squares for blankets and sewing tiny jumpers for babies in Africa throughout March.

The club also collects used items like stamps and old mobile phones that are repurposed for charity.

In the future, members look forward to a district outing in Woodbridge.