A one-in-a-million birth has taken place at an historic stately home site in Suffolk as an ewe gave birth to quintuplets.

Tudor manor Kentwell Hall in Long Melford, which is home to a traditional working farm, welcomed the litter of five Norfolk Horn lambs on Wednesday. 

Dan Clinton, livestock manager at the site, has said after speaking to vets that the probability of a Norfolk Horn ewe having quintuplets is one in one million.

East Anglian Daily Times: Dan Clinton, livestock manager, with the lambsDan Clinton, livestock manager, with the lambs (Image: Charlotte Bond)

Patrick Phillips, owner of Kentwell, said: "The birth of five living and surviving lambs is almost unheard of, the survival prospects of quintuplets are not great naturally.

"No ewe could manage that number on her own so their only chance of survival is for some, maybe as many as three of them, to be put onto other ewes or be bottle fed.

East Anglian Daily Times: The five lambs were born on WednesdayThe five lambs were born on Wednesday (Image: Charlotte Bond)

"Also because the lambs are so small they are very vulnerable and not as robust as ordinary lambs. Though each of these five appears to be healthy."

East Anglian Daily Times: Angel Hannah, book keeper, Abbie Smith, events, Callum Watt, events, and Dan Clinton, livestock managerAngel Hannah, book keeper, Abbie Smith, events, Callum Watt, events, and Dan Clinton, livestock manager (Image: Charlotte Bond)

The staff in the Kentwell Hall office said they were 'overjoyed' that the lambs are all healthy and added: "Being there for their birth and seeing them grow will be an absolute privilege." 

The lambs have been named by the grandchildren of the owners, with the two rams being called Cuca and Little, while the three ewes are named Twinkle, Wonder and Diamond, after the nursery rhyme 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'. 

East Anglian Daily Times: Quintuplet lambs at Kentwell HallQuintuplet lambs at Kentwell Hall (Image: Charlotte Bond)

The Norfolk Horn is a black-faced sheep breed that is part of the Rare Breed Survival Trust's sheep watchlist. 

East Anglian Daily Times: One of the five Norfolk Horn lambsOne of the five Norfolk Horn lambs (Image: Charlotte Bond)

Norfolk Horns are recognised as an 'at risk' breed, but according to the trust's website they are "a long way from extinction with several large flocks throughout the country and a growing number of breed enthusiasts."

The farm at Kentwell Hall is home to several rare breed farm animals including pigs, cows and horses.