Woodbridge's Deben Seal pub-restaurant has opened its doors to the public after the conversion of the Duke of York into a Southern European-style oasis.

It is the latest venue for the growing Ego Mediterranean group - and it was officially opened to invited guests at a special charity fund-raising event on Wednesday.

It took less than two months to convert the pub into its new look, which features an open kitchen and a bright Mediterranean feel.

About 80 guests were invited to the launch where thousands of pounds was raised for the East Anglian charity Little Lifts, which works with hospitals around the region to provide special packs for breast cancer patients facing chemotherapy or radiotherapy after diagnosis.

The Deben Seal building isn't as old as it looks - it was built in 2000 on the site of a former car dealership.

Its original name was the Seal but this was changed in 2011 as a nod to an old pub that used to stand nearby in the early years of the 20th century.

East Anglian Daily Times: Some of the team at the Deben Seal with regional manager Bex Cooke, front.Some of the team at the Deben Seal with regional manager Bex Cooke, front. (Image: Paul Geater)

Today's Deben Seal is however very different - the food is very Mediterranean in style and the extensive menu features kebabs, pizza, pasta, and rice dishes alongside other meals with a distinctly Southern European flavour.

The extensive menu makes you almost spoiled for choice but at the guest night I started with a salmon fishcake before having the minted lamb rump on potatoes flavoured with olives and goats cheese.

East Anglian Daily Times: The flavours with the minted lamb were stunning.The flavours with the minted lamb were stunning. (Image: Paul Geater)

The salmon fishcake was superb and the flavours on the plate of lamb were stunning - perhaps not what you might think of as a combination but the mixed perfectly.

East Anglian Daily Times: Deben Seal Cod Supreme.Deben Seal Cod Supreme. (Image: Paul Geater)

My wife, Judy, greatly enjoyed her pan-roasted cod supreme with potatoes, green beans and white wine cream.

East Anglian Daily Times: An impressive kebab at the Deben Seal.An impressive kebab at the Deben Seal. (Image: Paul Geater)

The other two on our table both had kebabs - one arrived vertically, the other on an impressive platter. Both were hugely enthusiastic about their meal.

East Anglian Daily Times: Kebabs are a feature of the Deben Seal menu.Kebabs are a feature of the Deben Seal menu. (Image: Paul Geater)

Frankly we didn't really need a dessert after such a great main course - but it would have been rude not to sample their menu! My chocolate and salted caramel tart was superb while Judy loved her frangipane and raspberry tart.

It is possible to have smaller portions of some desserts with a coffee included - but we couldn't resist going the whole hog.

The Deben Seal is the 31st Ego Mediterranean restaurant but the first in Suffolk - the nearest is in Chelmsford.

East Anglian Daily Times: Regional manager Bex Cooke and chief executive James Horler at the Deben Seal.Regional manager Bex Cooke and chief executive James Horler at the Deben Seal. (Image: Paul Geater)

James Horler is the chief executive of the chain and he was delighted to see it in operation: "It has been a very quick turn-around.

"We only took possession of the building last Monday so it has been a real challenge to get everything set up and the staff all trained. But everyone has come together really well."

Some of the staff were at the Duke of York but others are new to the venue which is being run by regional manager Bex Cooke, along with the Chelmsford restaurant.