We ventured to the new restaurant in Woodbridge serving up a variety of Mediterranean cuisines from pizza and pasta to kebabs and paella, and this is what we thought.

On Thursday, April 18, The Deben Seal, run by Ego Restaurants, opened its doors to the public after being converted from the Duke of York to this new look space in under two months.

Myself and two friends went to the restaurant to see what they had to offer, and the fact all three of us were full at the end of the main course, is a pretty good indication of how things went.

East Anglian Daily Times: The Deben Seal in WoodbridgeThe Deben Seal in Woodbridge (Image: Paul Geater)

Let's start with the atmosphere and feel of the restaurant.

It feels far more open compared to how it used to, including featuring an open kitchen.

We were met at the door instantly, and shown to our table. The waiter came over, introduced himself and was very friendly from the first moment.

On the service, there were more than enough staff working during the evening, with each waiter/waitress seeing to their own tables personally.

East Anglian Daily Times: The hummus and pitta bread that my friend gotThe hummus and pitta bread that my friend got (Image: Tom Cann)

However, this did also allow for fast service, with two and sometimes three workers coming over to the table at once to clear plates or deliver food and drinks.

The restaurant itself was very busy, full of people ready to enjoy what the new eatery had to offer.

On to the food - For starters, I went for the garlic pizza bread, one of my friends went for the garlic mushrooms with toasted baguette and the other had the grilled pitta with hummus.

East Anglian Daily Times: Garlic Mushrooms with toasted baguetteGarlic Mushrooms with toasted baguette (Image: Tom Cann)

East Anglian Daily Times: The garlic pizza breadThe garlic pizza bread (Image: Tom Cann)

When I went for the garlic bread, I was expecting the size you'd get at one of the bigger Italian chains, small and just right for one person.

So when it came out as a full 12 inch pizza style stonebaked garlic bread, I was very surprised.

Not complaining however, it was lovely. The dough was thin, well baked, had just the right amount of crust.

I ended up sharing it with others at the table, as there was no way I could eat it all and have a main. It could easily be shared between two people.

My friend said her garlic mushrooms were indulgent and silky smooth. The garlic sauce was creamy, and the addition of the baguette was welcome and the two complimented each other.

The hummus was also described as creamy and flavourful. There was a good amount of it, and the pitta was grilled perfectly, with plenty to help get the hummus down.

East Anglian Daily Times: The mixed hanging kebabThe mixed hanging kebab (Image: Tom Cann)

East Anglian Daily Times: The side plate provided with the hanging kebabsThe side plate provided with the hanging kebabs (Image: Tom Cann)

For mains, I had the hanging mixed kebab, will pork, lamb, chicken and chorizo on one kebab. My friend had the chicken and chorizo hanging kebab.

Both came with two hot tortilla wraps, a good amount of salad and tzatziki and grilled red onion, courgette and peppers.

They were lovely, the meat was cooked to perfection, so that it wasn't chewy and tough to eat, and all the meats were marinated so they all offered a different taste in the mouth.

East Anglian Daily Times: The chicken and chorizo hanging kebabThe chicken and chorizo hanging kebab (Image: Tom Cann)

We went for chips on the side as well, but these are certainly not necessary with the amount of food you get.

My other friend went for the Moroccan lamb, which came with toasted pitta bread, couscous, Moroccan vegetables, almonds and tzatziki.

The lamb was tender and beautifully seasoned, and with all the other components, made for a lovely dish.

East Anglian Daily Times: The Moroccan Lamb with couscous and grilled pitta breadThe Moroccan Lamb with couscous and grilled pitta bread (Image: Tom Cann)

It was again, a generous portion size, so much so that she couldn't finish it all.

We were all very satisfied after the mains, and couldn't manage a desert through fear of bursting we were all so full.

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Overall, we were delighted with the service, the speed, the cost and the quality of food on offer from The Deben Seal, and I am already excited to revisit to try more of what Ego Restaurants has to offer.

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