A Suffolk actor is rumoured to have landed a starring role in the second series of the hit Amazon TV show, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Felixstowe actor, Charlie Rich, 35, confirmed his involvement in the show but said he cannot give any further information as he is under an NDA. 

It was widely rumoured that the actor would be playing Annatar, the deceitful elf embodiment of Sauron, but the actor has since dismissed this claim. 

East Anglian Daily Times: We are yet to find out which character the young Suffolk actor will be playing

Charlie described the TV show as a "gigantic production" and said: "Lord of the Rings inspired me to get into acting." 

The last series of The Lord of the Rings was watched by more than 100 million people and cost Amazon a record-breaking £588 million.

Charlie also confirmed that he will be taking up a stunt role for another massive fantasy TV series this year, HBO's House of the Dragon, series 2. 

The Suffolk actor said: "I hope my story will inspire younger actors in Suffolk. I grew up performing at the Spa Pavilion and would have loved to have seen someone from my area in The Lord of the Rings."

Charlie also commented on his difficult journey into acting saying that his teacher at drama school told him to "explore other avenues of creativity". 

East Anglian Daily Times:

He has urged young actors to keep going and follow their dreams. 

Some people might recognise Charlie from his role as Pilz in the hit independent movie Morris Men, which was filmed entirely in Tendring, just south of Ipswich.

Later this year, the actor will star alongside award-winning actors Nisaro Karim and Craige Middleburg in a new movie called Cookster: The Darkest Days. 

Charlie will also be taking up a lead role as the Knight, Bedivere, in an independent fantasy movie coming out in 2025.