As bluebell season begins across the county here are seven of the best places to see the flowers in Suffolk. 

1. Freston Woods

East Anglian Daily Times: Bluebells at Freston WoodsBluebells at Freston Woods (Image: Newsquest)

Where: Freston Hill, Ipswich, IP9 1AB

Dating back to the medieval times, bluebells flourish in the ancient woodland near Ipswich. 

It is one of the easier walks to access and the rich history is conveyed through the area's beauty.

2. Arger Fen

East Anglian Daily Times: Bluebells at Arger FenBluebells at Arger Fen (Image: Phil Morley)Where: Bures, C08 5BN

Spring is the best time to visit Arger Fen with the huge display of bluebells in the woodland accompanied by the magical song of woodland birds. 

Many rare species can also be found here including the hazel dormouse and barbastelle bat.

3. Ickworth House

East Anglian Daily Times: There are numerous trails to explore on the estateThere are numerous trails to explore on the estate (Image: Charlotte Bond)Where: The Rotunda, Horringer, Bury St Edmunds, IP29 5QE

There are many different trails around the Georgian palace lined with patches of bluebells in the spring. 

Other flowers including daffodils can also be seen on walks around the Italianate gardens encircling the Rotunda. 

4. Haughley Park

East Anglian Daily Times: Bluebells at Haughley ParkBluebells at Haughley Park (Image: Rosemary Quinton)Where: Haughley Park, Haughley, Stowmarket, IP14 3JY

In spring, six acres of bluebells bloom creating a blue carpet across the park. 

On the last Sunday in April and the first Sunday in May, Haughley Park opens the estate for visitors to see the landscaped gardens around the manor house.

5. Groton Wood

East Anglian Daily Times: The woods burst with bluebells in the springThe woods burst with bluebells in the spring (Image: Charlotte Bond)Where: Groton, Hadleigh, IP7 6HD

In the spring the woods come to life with carpets of bluebells and early-purple orchid in shadier areas. 

Groton Wood has 22 seasonal ponds - a unique feature - and 15 species of butterfly have been recorded here.