Stowmarket Town Council has elected Terence Carter to be its new mayor.

His appointment was confirmed at the town council meeting on Wednesday.

Mr Carter, who is also a Mid Suffolk district councillor, served as Stowmarket deputy mayor last year.

East Anglian Daily Times:

He said on his appointment: “The overwhelming support and confidence shown by councillors electing me as mayor has moved me to gratitude beyond words.

“The path to elected office is often fraught with barriers for individuals affected by disability, as evidenced by the fact that less than 15% of councillors in the UK today are registered as disabled.

"However, regardless of ability, age, gender, beliefs, or background, adversity manifests in myriad forms. Each of us has overcome various odds to be present here today, which is an accomplishment.

“I can see myself having an equally challenging and exciting year ahead, and thankfully I enjoy a challenge, I can only hope to represent Stowmarket to the best of my ability and continue in the positive way previous Stowmarket mayors have done.”

Mr Carter was elected to Needham Market Town Council in 2014, before moving to Stowmarket and being elected to its council in 2019.

He is a Suffolk Tree Warden and member of Stowmarket Eco Futures group.

The new mayor has chosen two local charities to support during his 12-month term: well-being hub Red Gables and the Benjamin Foundation, which helps young people and their families overcome challenges in their lives.

Outgoing mayor Nick Gowrley said: “To be appointed as mayor of Stowmarket was an immense honour and a great privilege and quite simply one of the proudest moments of my life.

"My consort and I have been continually humbled by the passion and generosity of our community.

“We are a resilient and strong town, and I want to thank everyone for their community spirit and kindness. I would also like to wish councillor Terence Carter as the new mayor and councillor David Childs as the new deputy mayor our best wishes for the coming year.”

The outgoing mayor raised more than £4,500 for his two charities: Stowmarket Relief Trust and AJ’s Legacy.