An investigation has been launched after a car window was smashed while a driver was travelling through a village.

It was reported to police that the windscreen of a car was smashed while travelling along A143 Norwich Road, Gillingham, near Beccles.

The incident occurred at about 10.45am on Wednesday and police are currently enquiring into other potentially related incidents.

The victim, Sally Colby, 59, said: "It made me jump and scream. It was really loud. I knew instantly it wasn't just a regular stone kicked up from car tyres."

Miss Colby believes someone threw the rock at her car, meanwhile, other people have also reported similar incidents in the area.

The police are also considering this case to potentially be criminal damage. 

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East Anglian Daily Times: The damage caused to Mrs Colby's windscreen after it was hit by the rockThe damage caused to Mrs Colby's windscreen after it was hit by the rock (Image: Sally Colby)

Miss Colby said: "The next few days I felt a little nervous and vulnerable whilst driving. It could have caused a serious accident if I had swerved."

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Ben, another potential victim, also reported a similar incident along the A143 earlier in April.

He said his car was hit by a rock on Tuesday, April 16, but his windscreen did not crack. 

Ben commented in the situation, saying: "It’s childish behaviour with serious consequences. Had it smashed my screen I would 100% of crashed into a tree or an oncoming vehicle."

This is not the first time there have been reports of people throwing rocks at cars in the Beccles area.

In 2019, police appealed for information after it was reported that stones were being thrown at cars passing through the area at night.

A man also admitted to a series of offences of causing a danger to road users by throwing rocks along the Norfolk-Suffolk border that same year.

Later in 2020, a large group of men were seen throwing stones at cars before a crash towards Lowestoft. 

Another man has also posted on social media recently saying that he was hit by a rock along the A143 last month, but he has not commented on this case after being approached. 

Suffolk and Norfolk police are working together on this issue and anyone with information should contact them referencing crime number 36/294304/24.