A Suffolk butcher has returned from an all-expenses-paid trip across the pond to the United States after he was invited to pass on his extensive butchery knowledge. 

Jamie Towells, owner of Jamie's Meat Inn, which has stores in Sudbury and Haverhill, travelled to Florida at the end of April, accompanied by Sudbury manager Damon, to help family friend Scott Caldwell to build his business.

"My father Ray lives out in America and a friend of his has recently taken on a farm and basically wants to start producing meat," Mr Towells explained.

East Anglian Daily Times: Jamie and Damon in FloridaJamie and Damon in Florida (Image: Jamie Towells)

"My dad said 'my son's a butcher out in England' and they turned around and said 'would your son come out and show us how he does it at his company?' 

"My manager at Sudbury has worked with me from the beginning and he is my right-hand man so he came out with me as a little treat.

"It was really good experience and a real learning curve. They have invited us back too, which is great."

East Anglian Daily Times: Damon demonstrating a cutDamon demonstrating a cut (Image: Jamie Towells)

Mr Towells said he and Damon demonstrated cutting techniques and advised them on the aging process during their stay. 

East Anglian Daily Times: Some of the packaged meat they worked onSome of the packaged meat they worked on (Image: Jamie Towells)

"When they first started they didn't have someone knowledgeable, there was a lot of waste. Me and Damon showed them how best to utilise a bit of meat and get the most out of it," he explained.

"They have a really great business there. In the space of a month they have now got 30 or 40 people interested.

East Anglian Daily Times: Cattle at the Florida farmCattle at the Florida farm (Image: Jamie Towells)

"It was a great experience. It came as a shock to me when I got the call off my dad saying it - I couldn't turn it down." 

Jamie's Meat Inn is open at 26 North Street in Sudbury and 28 High Street in Haverhill.