Yard workers were delighted to discover unexpected visitors making a home under a traffic come. 

The nest of a Great Tit family was found under a traffic cone at Mid Suffolk District Council's depot in Stowmarket. 

The birds had built a "lovely cone shaped castle" in the yard with workers believing it is the second time the same birds have nested there.

East Anglian Daily Times: The cone has been labelledThe cone has been labelled (Image: Mid Suffolk District Council)

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A spokesman for Mid Suffolk District Council said: "We are very pleased to welcome our new family of Great Tit birds to our Stowmarket depot.

"While out in the yard, our staff heard some little tweets and saw and mother bird standing on top of our cones - so we put two and two together and went to have a careful look.

"They all appear to be doing well with their mum coming back and fourth to feed them. We are letting nature work its magic and just keeping a watchful eye from a distance.

"We have labelled the cone too so everyone knows our visitors are in residence until they are ready to fledge the nest."