Concerns have been raised over plans for two homes in the garden of a Sudbury house that were submitted days after a previous plan was refused at the site. 

Plans for two three-bedroom homes behind 12 Clarence Road, on the corner of Stanley Road, were submitted to Babergh District Council on Friday, May 3. 

This came just days after a previous plan by the same applicant for five one-bedroom homes on the land was refused on April 24.

The previous plan, submitted in February, was met with 30 public comments of objection and the council refused it, stating the application failed to demonstrate that five homes could be accommodated without appearing "cramped and overdeveloped". 

The new two-home plan has also been met with some criticism, with Sudbury Town Council recommending refusal.

In a statement to Babergh District Council, the town council raised concern over the fact that no rear or side elevation drawings had been submitted and that Suffolk Highways had not yet commented on the impact.

While members noted the "improvement in the plans since the previous application", they said in the absence of detail on the impact on neighbours and the road safety, they could not support it. 

Several comments from neighbours have also been submitted to the council. 

One stated the new plan "does nothing to address the concerns in the first application" and raised concerns over privacy and traffic.

Another objector wrote: "The risk to child safety, insufficient parking, inadequate drainage, negative visual impact, construction disruption, environmental concerns, and long-term health and safety risks collectively make this proposal unsuitable for approval.

"I urge the planning authority to consider these points carefully and reject the application to protect the interests of the current residents and maintain the integrity and safety of our community."

A statement on behalf of the applicant before the council reads: "This application omits three of the five houses and provides additional space for the retained garden of the existing house.

"This is a significant reduction of the built form and gives a generous spacing to the site to overcome the reason for refusal."

The plan is with Babergh District Council for consideration.