More than 20 objections have been lodged against plans to build 61 new homes in a Suffolk village with residents citing concerns of overdevelopment and infrastructure.

If Persimmon Homes plans before Mid Suffolk District Council are given the green light, the new one, two, three, four and five-bedroom homes will be built on the land west of Ixworth Road in Thurston, near Bury St Edmunds.

But, since Thursday, May 23, a total of 22 objections have been filed on the council's planning portal with residents worried infrastructure, including schools and roads, cannot cope with more homes. 

A resident of nearby Tostock branded Thurston a "nightmare town" and said: "It is being overdeveloped with the number of current development works taking place in the town and the current road infrastructure is insufficient." 

A Victoria Close resident said: "Thurston cannot cope with anymore houses. The preschool is full until 2025, the small rural roads cannot cope with the extra traffic, the neighbourhood plan hasn't been adhered to at all and the increase of anti social behaviour is obvious.

"The village is bursting at the seams and enough is enough." 

Other concerns raised in the objections included loss of this open space used by dog walkers, damage to environment, overpopulation and already-dangerous junctions at Fishwick Corner and Bunbury Arms. 

This is the second phase of the Persimmon Homes development, with the first phase, known as College Park, now complete.

It comes after plans to build more than 120 homes in the village were approved last year. 

Applicant Linden (Thurston) LLP submitted the application to build the new homes on land to the north of Norton Road in Thurston.

In a statement before the council, Persimmon Homes said: "It is considered that the proposal constitutes a sustainable and well -designed development that accords with relevant National and Local policies.

"If approved, this will make a positive contribution to the growth of Thurston." 

The plan is with Mid Suffolk District Council pending consideration.