They started providing announcements at the Suffolk Show in the 1970s - but have now decided to hang up their microphones.

Head steward Christopher Clarke and "wingman" Richard Wrinch have been keeping the show on the right track for about 50 years after heading up Awards and Announcements and never leaving.

While other stewards move around the showground, the pair have kept their cool under pressure and steered their way through the many mishaps and unscripted moments that come with live events.

Chris - who has been a steward for 50 years - was called up by then deputy show director Michael Spear. Richard started at least 45-plus years ago.

"In about 1977/78 I started doing the grand parade commentary," said Chris. "I was thrown in at the last moment and I've kept going."

During his tenure, Richard - a local farmer - has played a key role, he said. "This man is essential for me. Richard whispers in my ear."

Richard sees his role as trying to remain calm under pressure when things go wrong.

"It has been the greatest fun and I have got huge affection for the show," said Chris.

Richard said they wouldn't be going away. "We will be here. We will probably come and make astute comments," he said.

But Chris - who founded Clarke and Simpson estate agents in Framlingham and has now retired from the firm - said they felt the time was right for a change.

"You have got to move on," he said. "Everybody needs to move on and get a younger team."