A refurbished memorial flagpole has been rededicated on the 160th anniversary of a cherished landmark.

The Southwold Sailors' Reading Room, originally founded as a haven for fishermen and mariners, anticipated this significant milestone with a poignant service led by the Rector of Southwold, Reverend Russ Gant, at 6pm on June 8.

The flagpole, outside the establishment, honours the memory of Captain David W Simpson MBE, master of the unfortunate SS Empire Merlin.

In 1940, the merchant ship was targeted by a U-boat and tragically sank west of the Outer Hebrides, claiming 35 lives including Captain Simpson.

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Today, the Reading Room, supported by a diverse membership, stands open to the general public seven days a week.

At the rededication service, chairman Graham Denny expressed his joy, he said: "I am delighted that we are able to celebrate the refurbishment of the flagpole with a rededication service.

"This service will conclude with the hoisting of the Merchant Navy’s Red Ensign in recognition of Captain Simpson, to whom the flagpole is dedicated.”