A pair of Suffolk students have been praised for their motivation and support in a boxing class set up to help people who have Parkinson's.

Adam Beverley and Jamie Crofts from Suffolk New College have teamed up with Williams Martial Arts to offer their support to individuals involved in boxing classes.

These exercise sessions have been taking place at the Murrayside Youth and Community Centre on Nacton Road, Ipswich.

East Anglian Daily Times: Students Jamie Crofts and Adam Beverley from Suffolk New College.Students Jamie Crofts and Adam Beverley from Suffolk New College. (Image: Suffolk New College)

Jamie from Ipswich, 20, said: "You see people going through the struggle and I feel passionately about supporting them. I definitely want to help out in the future. It would be great to get more young people involved.”

19-year-old Adam from Debenham, said: “It’s been eye-opening and enriching. There are no negatives to working with the community from my experience.”

Olly Waters is a Progress Tutor for Uniformed Public Services.

He said: “Adam and Jamie are fantastic students and ambassadors for the College. I’m so proud to see what they have achieved and I envisage they will have a bright future.”

East Anglian Daily Times: Jamie Crofts and Adam Beverley helping 82-year-old Ronald FrostJamie Crofts and Adam Beverley helping 82-year-old Ronald Frost (Image: Suffolk New College)

One of the locals to benefit from the sessions is 82-year-old Ronald Frost from Ipswich.

He said: “You get a lot of good out of the classes and it helps.

"Exercise can delay the progression of Parkinson’s and the students have really helped us. They are sympathetic and we realise that they are our future."

James Scott, 56, from Ipswich has also been involved in the classes.

He said: “The students are very understanding.

"They encourage us and help with motivation. To other people who read this and think they can’t do it, I’d say, don’t be put off by the word boxing, there’s no punching.

East Anglian Daily Times: James Scott has been benefitting from the classes with the two studentsJames Scott has been benefitting from the classes with the two students (Image: Suffolk New College)

"It really helps your confidence and I’d recommend this experience to others. It’s relaxed, friendly and social.”

Gavin Williams is the founder of Williams Martial Arts. He said: “It’s great to have Adam and Jamie, they have been brilliant. They have been helping oversee sessions and supporting the classes.”

He hopes to create more sessions for those who have Parkinson’s in Bury St Edmunds and Colchester.