Further details of plans to build 1,100 new homes to the north of Ipswich have been revealed.

Ipswich Borough Council has already given the go-ahead for outline planning permission to developer Crest Nicholson for its Henley Gate site.

Crest Nicholson has now submitted phase one of its core infrastructure strategy for the garden suburb scheme.

This will include primary streets, open space, landscaping, drainage, substations, pumping stations and associated works.

A Crest Nicholson spokesperson has previously said the firm's development will “cement” investment in the area and create significant contributions to local infrastructure while remaining “sensitive” to the local environment.

A 24.5-hectare country park, which is planned to act as a buffer to nearby Westerfield, is set to include footpaths, cycle routes, benches, viewing platforms and “doggy dipping pools”.

But Westerfield Parish Council has said the infrastructure plans for new homes, local centre, country park and new access points do not explain how issues around drainage and traffic will be fixed.

Councillor Peter Miller, chairman of the parish council, explained that drainage remains "a problem" in the area.

"It's very difficult to understand the flooding situation," Mr Miller said.

"Our main issue is getting satisfactory drainage in the field.

"Traffic is also a major concern for us, as well as protecting the environment.

"We hope [Crest Nicholson] re-submit their plans."

He added that he agrees with some of the concerns raised by the Northern Fringe Protection Group (NFPG).

The action group urged Ipswich Borough Council to reject the plans, calling them "simply unacceptable".

It wrote: "The general public has also repeatedly submitted their concerns at potential flooding to existing properties from connecting to the Anglian Water combined sewer, yet they continue to be ignored by the council and Crest Nicholson.

East Anglian Daily Times: Henley Gate is part of 3,500 new homes coming to Ipswich. Picture: GOOGLE EARTHHenley Gate is part of 3,500 new homes coming to Ipswich. Picture: GOOGLE EARTH (Image: Archant)

"Such concerns were again raised at the recent Crest Nicholson consultation event, but these have been ignored."

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