Former Portman Road announcer Rob Chandler will be sitting in the stands next season, rather than keeping the Town faithful informed over the PA.

Chandler, who has been the voice of Portman Road since 1996, sat out last season and has this season decided to get a couple of season tickets instead - relaxing more and looking forward to Town games.

"It's been great fun," he said.

"There have been so many memories, play-off failure, play-off success, the Premiership, the Mick McCarthy era.

"As much as the football memories there have been, it's the laughs and fun I have had with the crowd. Some of the annoucements over the years have been great.

"Part of me wonders if I'm doing the right thing. It's the start of a new time at Town, new owners and all that. Maybe I'll regret it if, as we all hope, it's promotion after promotion.

"But no, for now I'm going to enjoy it. Enjoy a drink and meal before the game, not having to get to the club too early."

So, where will he be sitting?

"Top of the Sir Bobby Stand, with my other half and brother, who I also go to speedway with."