My husband announced last week that he was planning a day and night out with his friends on December 16. 

"What?" I said. "You do know what day that is?"

He did not. 

A Norwich fan who never tires of reminding me how many years it has been since ITFC last beat THEM (14 apparently) has apparently not clocked the fact that December 16 is DERBY DAY.  

I have been looking forward it for months, ever since Town got promoted and even more so since we started the season so brilliantly.  

East Anglian Daily Times: Liz is looking forward to a day like thisLiz is looking forward to a day like this (Image: Newsquest)

Every game that sees a Town turnaround, (thank you Marcus Harness for Saturday, by the way), while Norwich continue to plummet, has only served to increase my anticipation.  

But while I will be glued to Sky Sports, he will be out with his friends, trying very hard, I imagine, not to think about what is going on at Portman Road. 

Of course, those of us here at the EADT think of little else and every ounce of that passion goes into our coverage.  

I have nothing to do with it, obviously. I’m just a grateful fan who appreciates always knowing what is going on at Town before my brother finds out. 

That is thanks to Mark, Stuart, Alex and Ross – the dream team when it comes to reporting on the matches before, during and after kick off, getting us the gossip, being first to the transfer news, and, of course, podcasting with their unique brand of knowledge and banter on Kings of Anglia. 

The best way to ensure you can get their coverage online, ad-free, and with no interruptions, is to subscribe and now, with derby day looming, is a great time to do it. 

Mark and I have sorted out a special price to ensure that Town fans can get their football fix for half price until the end of the season. That’s 50% off for six months – just £2.99 per month (switching to £5.99 after that), which, for all the amazing, in-depth coverage you get from Mark and his team is a Blue hot deal.  

Another option is to take out our annual sub which at 50% off for six months works out even more cheaply at just £15 (after which the price will change to £59 for the whole of the next year). 

Coming up, we’ve got a big exclusive interview by Stuart to look forward to and the chance to win the new white Town shirt, as well as many other subscriber offers and discounts, including club shop vouchers.  

East Anglian Daily Times: The EADT has launched a flash saleThe EADT has launched a flash sale (Image: Newsquest)

And while it’s the football coverage that most of us want most, it shouldn’t be forgotten that our extensive local news coverage is also part of the deal – the value of which became especially apparent last month when the world and his Suffolk wife was coming on every few minutes to find out the latest on Storms Babet and Ciaran.  

When it comes to trusted local news, you have always known that this is the best place to find it. We have to pay for that coverage somehow and for those of you who have supported us already, thank you for your loyalty and understanding. It is so appreciated.  

But Town fans are loyal, aren’t they? We’ve not exactly had an easy ride these last few years. But this is our time. I for one can’t wait for December 16. 


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